University of St. Francis

Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)

The University of St. Francis maintains accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) via the AQIP Pathway. The Pathway follows an 8-year cycle, and emphasizes using data for continuous quality improvement. USF has been accredited by the HLC since 1938, and has been on the AQIP Pathway since 2003. Major components of the AQIP Pathway are overseen by USF's AQIP Core Team:

  • Strategy Forum - in years 1 or 2 and 5 or 6; USF sends a team to "a supportive workshop environment to generate new strategies and tactics for institutional improvement." USF's last Strategy Forum was Spring 2016, attended by: Dr. Srimani Chakravarthi (education faculty), Becky Garland (IR), Ben Gunnink (ETI), Janine Hicks (Accreditation & Compliance), Dr. Arvid Johnson (President), Mollie Rockafellow (ResEd/Student Engagement), Dr. Pam Steinke (Dean Teaching & Learning) and Dr. Susan Stowe (nursing faculty).
  • Systems Portfolio - due in years 3 and 7; USF addresses the HLC's Criteria for Accreditation by describing our processes, results and improvements in 6 areas: Helping Students Learn; Meeting Student and Other Key Stakeholder Needs; Valuing Employees; Planning and Leading; Knowledge Management and Resource Stewardship; Quality Overview. USF has six corresponding Category Teams who work to research and write each of the Portfolio sections, while ensuring identified gaps are addressed during the process. USF's latest Portfolio was submitted in 2017.
  • Action Projects - As an AQIP institution USF must have at least 3 projects at all times (only 1 starting in 2017-18), 1 of which must focus on Helping Students Learn. USF has initiated a total of 22 projects since becoming an AQIP institution. Click here to view current Action Projects.
  • Comprehensive Quality Review (CQR) - is part of our comprehensive evaluation in year 8 of the AQIP cycle. HLC reviewers will review our most recent Systems Portfolio, and other institutional documents to review our performance and ensure that the HLC Criteria for Accreditation are being met. USF's next visit will be March 2018.

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